Oh No, I've Got Quintuple Vision!

I’ve upgraded from double vision to quintuple vision!

Last summer, I was fortunate to get a call from a lovely lady who was selling her family cottage which had been purchased in 1917.It had been built in 1911.At the time of purchase it came furnished with enough beds to accommodate everyone in high style.There were 5 single beds and 2 double sized beds.And, incredibly, they were all identical.

Single beds are a rare find because not many were made.Usually children slept, several to a bed, width ways, until they grew too tall to fit and then they moved up to a double or a ¾ size bed.To have a pair of matching single beds was a luxury.To have five of them is incredible!

We have now had them sandblasted and powder-coated in a paint colour new to our showroom.They are all antique white with a glossy finish and look SPECTACULAR.

As a heads-up, the singles will be priced at $675 each and with a discount offered for purchasing two or more.The double beds will be $1,050 each or $2,000 if you purchase both.


Helena 30-Nov-2015
Antique Cast Iron Beds
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