Clearly identical, but NOT!

We recently restored two of, what we thought were identical double beds and discovered some differences that add character and make them unique.  If you glance at them, they look the same, but a closer look shows differences between them.  These are the result of how they were made.

At the turn of the last century, iron beds were handmade one at a time.  They consisted of three parts:  sand molds for castings, iron rods and vertical supports.  Once all pieces were laid into the form, molten iron was poured to create the castings.  While castings appear to be simply decorative elements of the bed, in reality, many of them play a key part in making a structurally sound bedframe.

Have a look at what we discovered as we were re-assembling the beds after they were sandblasted and painted.  At the end of the scrollwork, these beds have a small purely decorative casting.  Most of them point up, but somehow, on one bed, one of them points down.


Also, one would expect that all vertical bars would be separated by an identical width, but on the bed on the left side of the picture, there is a spacing error on the left side of the headboard and on the right side of the footboard!

We feel these two beds compare to misprinted stamps or coins, in terms of individuality and rarity.

They would make a great conversation piece!


David Lowry 06-Jul-2016
Antique Cast Iron Beds
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