Character? Or Flaws???

When we decide to use a clear coat of powder coat on the beds, we never know exactly what we will find when the natural finish of the iron is exposed!  The see through paint reveals the truth that was hidden behind the original white enamel paint.  With this bed, we learned one of the tricks of the bed-maker.  There are several parts of the bed where they tried to conceal an open seam in the iron by using a type of filler to smooth things out.  It was a gold-toned paste which stands out very clearly. 

I think this particular bed was made at an iron foundry that did not have much experience with forming cast iron beds.  Molten iron was poured into a sand mold which formed one of the many castings on this bed.  It looks like there was a problem with the temperature of the iron because the sand mold did not break cleanly and leave a smooth surface.  There are many blow holes where gas formed and left a pitted surface.

A third interesting tidbit about this bed is that it looks like there was originally a plan to have three vertical bars per set, but at some point the middle one did not make it to production.  Or if it did, at some point in the past they were removed. 

On top of this, it looks like there was a flaw in the powder coating as well.  The left post on the headboard has deteriorated and has started to show rust. 

Overall this is a very interesting bed, but is that a good thing, or not? 

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Helena 30-Sep-2017
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