1902, Imagine Yourself Relaxing and Leafing Through the Catalogue.....

When you spot this incredible bed that stands out from the rest.  As the S. Carsley & Co. catalogue says, it's a 'very showy and neat bed.'  The showiness comes from the swirls of iron, the brass (they call it a half-brass bed), the fact that the footboard bows out, the brass 'pancake' knobs on the corner posts, the brass medallions attached to the swirls and so much more. 

We have been fortunate to acquire this bed and it's now available for sale on page one of the Double Beds section.  It truly is one of the most incredible beds we have had the privilege to work on and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and perhaps making this bed a new addition to your home.

Helena 11-Dec-2015
Antique Cast Iron Beds
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